The group’s organization and management are a result of its long experience (since 1970) and of its continuous adaptation to the new conditions of Québec research. The general assembly comprises different categories of members. It meets once a year and eventually approves the group’s statutes proposed by the Board (CA in French) who represents professors, researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows. The CA meets at least two times a year to steer the group’s activities and make subsequent budgetary decisions. The activities and resolutions are recorded in the meetings' minutes.

The CA follows the recommendations of the Advisory Committee (CC in French). It gives mandates to the Committee for Collaboration and Dissemination of Research (CCDR), and receive its recommendations. The CC includes the main university partners (vice-rectors) and users of research results. The CCDR gathers together the scientific director and the axes’ leaders of the scientific program, in addition to the students and postdoctoral fellows.

In addition, the Student Committee (CÉ) represents student members and participates in the CA and CCDR. The CÉ contributes to scientific animation, to training activities, to communication between the partners, and to making the group better known.