The radio-show "Radio-Canada cet après-midi" hosted Philippe Archambault yesterday. The web site says:
[A biology professor from Université Laval recently took part in a rather unique expedition in the Antarctic. Together with 22 teams from all around the globe, he went to study how the Antarctic Mertz Glacier is melting. Their discoveries are rather odd, demonstrating that the glacier is not only melting from the bottom but also host to a remarquable diversity of living organisms. He tells the story.]

The actual participation of Philippe Archambault and Guillaume Massé in this mission was made possible by research grants totalling more than $600,000 obtained by Marcel Babin, Louis Fortier, Patrick Lajeunesse, Maurice Levasseur, Jean-Eric Tremblay, Guillaume Massé and Philippe Archambault. The funds obtained by the seven members of Québec-Océan and of the Takuvik international research unit were used for the deployment of the Canadian ROPOS submarine in several strategic locations to study biological communities, sediments and oceanographic conditions where the ice has retreated and under the Metz Glacier.

The Arctic Circumpolar Expedition was an initiative of the Swiss Polar Institute. The sciences teams working on three different legs conducted 22 distinct research projects.

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