Québec Océan Annual General Meeting 2016 – Highlights

Held on November 8 and 9, at Hôtel Rimouski, the successful 2016 edition of Quebec-Ocean’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) gathered 165 attendees! Closer in nature to a science symposium, the event featured the rich variety of the studies conducted by QO’s graduate students, and made way to several very interesting novelties, not to mention managerial info.


At least 130 Quebec-Ocean members gathered at their annual event. This time though, the presence of some 35 non members from other research groups, ZIP committees, the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, the Maurice-Lamontagne Institute and others increased the outreach and visibility of all presentations. Not to mention the additional incentive to give outstanding performances!


The backbone of the program consisted in the annual summary of Quebec-Ocean’s activities, projects and achievements of 2015-2016, as well as 18 conferences and 50 poster presentations by graduate students as well as post-docs. The invited guest speaker was Roberta Hamme, from the University of Victoria (BC), who presented some new approaches using dissolved gases to diagnose the ocean's carbon pumps. One of the novel features of the 2016 program was to provide a spot for QO’s three theme leaders, Maurice Levasseur, Philippe Archambault et Simon Bélanger, to present the highlights of their respective research themes and teams. These short yet dense presentations proved as interesting as fruitful in terms of discussions and potential new collaborations.


The student committee spared no efforts to organise a most entertaining networking activity combining brainstorming, team building and lots of laughs. Their presentation during suppertime as well as the evening social event created further opportunities for mingling and sharing ideas. The participants were unanimous in recognizing their leadership and unquestionable contribution in making the meeting a great success.


Every year, student presentations are subject to the examination of a panel of experts who volunteer to evaluate the scientific merits of their work. QO Students are bound to high standards so the jury’s job is not an easy one! Six students were awarded best presentation prizes in the Oral and Poster Categories. Two more prizes were awarded this year, one to a beginner whose presentation doesn’t yet include results, the second one, a ‘Public choice award’, is determined by the participants’ votes. The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, which has a small chapter in Rimouski, also presented a Best Poster Award in physical oceanography.

A new Paper of the Year award was also inaugurated in 2016, to reward regular members whose publications singled out in each of the research themes. Three Paper of the Year 2015 were thus handed in three categories: Novel research question; The St. Lawrence’s difference; Arctic research collaborations.

Oral Presentation Competition

Beauchesne, David (UQAR-ISMER), P. Desjardins-Proulx, P. Archambault, D. Gravel

The link between machine learning, conference networking, pokemon and ecology.
Schmutz, Anthony (UQAR-ISMER), R. St-Louis, R. Tremblay, C. Audet, J.-P. Gagné, É. Pelletier, M. Barthe

Effets biologiques sous-létaux sur la moule bleue (Mytilus edulis) d'une exposition chronique à trois types de pétroles classiques et non-classiques en période hivernale sous glace.

Benkort, Déborah (U. Laval), D. Lavoie, S. Plourde, F. Maps

Modèle individuel physiologique pour le krill, Thysanoessa raschii et Meganyctiphanes norvegica, dans l'estuaire et le golfe du Saint-Laurent.

Jean-Éric Tremblay (left), QO’s scientific director and Michel Gosselin (right), interim president, presented the Award for best oral presentation to ex aequo winners Anthony Schmutz (UQAR) et David Beauchesne (UQAR-ISMER), both doctoral students.
Poster Presentation Competition
Gadoin, Elsa (UQAR-ISMER), G. Ferreyra, M. Starr, K. Cameron-Bergeron, K. Doiron, K. Lemarchand.

Effets du diesel maritime sur la structure et le métabolisme de la communauté bactérienne de l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent.
Cortial, Grégoire (UQAR-ISMER), G. Winkler.

Deux espèces en une: existence d’espèce cryptique révélée chez Neomysis americana dans le système Saint-Laurent.
Nocera, Ariadna Celina (UQAR-ISMER), D. Dumont, I. Schloss, G. Ferreyra.

Effet de la migration verticale diurne du zooplancton dans un modèle NPZD appliqué au golfe San Jorge (Patagonie, Argentine).
Filteau, Gabrielle (U. Laval), J.-É. Tremblay, P. Raimbault

Dynamique des nutriments et flux biologiques d'azote lors du bloom printanier en mer de Baffin.

Jean-Éric Tremblay and Michel Gosselin also presented Best poster presentation awards to four Master’s students (left to right): Gabrielle FilteauAriadna NoceraGrégoire Cortial and Elsa Gadoin.
Québec-Océan Paper of the Year Award – 2015 (New)
Novel research question

Piero Calosi, UQAR

Queirós AM, JA Fernandes, S Faulwetter, J Nunes, SPS Rastrick, N Mieszkowska, Y Artioli, A Yool, P Calosi, C Arvanitidis, HS Findlay, M Barange, WWL Cheung, S Widdicombe (2015). Scaling up experimental ocean acidification and warming research: from individuals to the ecosystem. Global Change Biology 21 (1): 130-143. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12675.
The St. Lawrence difference

Ladd Erik Johnson, U. Laval

Ling SD, RE Scheibling, A Rassweiler, CR Johnson, N Shears, SD Connell, AK Salomon, KM Norderhaug, A Perez-Matus, JC Hernandez, S Clemente, LK Blamey, B Hereu, E Ballesteros, E Sala, J Garrabou, E Cebrian, M Zabala, D Fujita, LE Johnson (2015). Global regime shift dynamics of catastrophic sea urchin overgrazing. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 370 (1659): 20130269. DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2013.0269.
  Arctic research collaboration

Marcel Babin and Connie Lovejoy, U. Laval

Monier A, J Comte, M Babin, A Forest, A Matsuoka, C Lovejoy (2015). Oceanographic structure drives the assembly processes of microbial eukaryotic communities. ISME Journal: 9: 990-1002. DOI:10.1038/ismej.2014.197.
Public Choice Award (New)
Beauchesne, David (UQAR-ISMER), P. Desjardins-Proulx, P. Archambault, D. Gravel

The link between machine learning, conference networking, pokemon and ecology.
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Award
Bourdages, Line (U. McGill), B.Tremblay

Spatial variability of the Arctic atmospheric temperature inversion over the Arctic Ocean.


Québec-Océan wishes to extend warm thanks to everyone who contributed directly and indirectly to making the 2016 meeting a great success, and specifically the following:

Organizing committee: Sophie Banville, Richard Marquis, Rachel Picard, Brigitte Robineau, and Jean-Éric Tremblay, with the help of Pascal Guillot, Jonathan Gagnon, and Gabriel Joyal for technical and logistic aspects.

Student committee: David Beauchesne, Robin Bénard, Déborah Benkort, Corinne Brunelle, Jory Cabrol, Stéphanie Cimon, Gwénaëlle Gremion, and Nathalie Joli.

Session chairs: Marion Bandet, Daniel Bourgault, Rémi Daigle, Jean-Pierre Gagné, and Martine Lizotte.

Oral presentation reviewers: Piero Calosi, Frédéric Maps, and Lyne Morissette.

Poster presentation reviewers: Christiane Dufresne, Dany Dumont, Pierre Larouche, Blanche Saint-Béat, and Richard Saint-Louis.